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Holistically managing your financial goals and athletic career.

Financial Management
  • Financial management for individuals and families

  • Financial management for athletes

Athlete Management
  • Career management

  • Financial management

  • Athlete legal consulting and
    contract negotiation

  • Sponsorships

  • Public relations and media relations services

Financial Education
  • Financial coaching

  • Educational workshops

  • Financial eLearning

Sport Development
  • Program development, design, and implementation

  • Sport development consulting

  • Sport events and tourism

HOME: Welcome
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Generational Wealth & Financial Freedom


Only a small percentage of athletes and minority families are able to manage their money efficiently and remain financially secure during and after their careers.

More than just a sports management company, my mission is to minimize the cycle of financial insecurity and increase access to money management resources for athletes and minorities.

Unleash your full potential with me and together we can foster generational wealth and promote financial freedom across all communities.

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